Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's almost like I never left...almost.

Today was better, full caseload and a meeting at the end of the day. Back to normal, and it feels good. I should be working out right now, but honestly, I've probably lost a couple lbs these past two days. I am on my feet ALL day, no joke! Not like I wasn't on my feet all day here at home, but I always have the option to sit down and relax, I don't have that option that often at work. Plus, there are some changes coming at work, so not only and I physically tired, but mentally tired also.

I have been browsing around a bit trying to find some free digikits, I found a couple that I really like and will probably do a couple LO's this weekend. I am stilling trying to figure out if I really like the LO's that have been seeing lately that are really whimsy and magical looking. It just looks like a lot of work to me, a lot of time altering the photo etc. But I am sure I will find a couple tutorials and figure it all out. It's not really my style, but once I get going on one, I will probably love the end result.

In the meantime, here is another layout I did recently:

I used lily designs for the elements, and I made the paper and created the misty pink background,,tfl!
go to lilydesingn.blogspot.com for her blog


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