Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally Friday

I say it's "finally Friday" because that is what my husband always says, to me, everyday runs into the other, it's all the same. I'm stuck in my routine being at home, but Monday, this all changes. I return to work. Unlike other mother's that hate the end of maternity leave, I look forward to it. I like change. I miss being a part of something big, I miss having a role, contributing. Even though being a mother is a role, and I love spending time with my kids and taking care of them, but everyday becomes the same and I do everything for the kids...everything! When I go to work, I am within adults, and adult conversation, I am a part of a team. But oddly enough, I still have the mothering role, I work at a hospital, and taking care of patients is very nurturing. I guess I was meant to be a mother *wink*
So this last week has been hectic, but as I said before, I don't mind hectic, chaos, I don't like. This week has been me getting prepared to go back to work and preparing the kids that Mommy is not going to be the one taking care of them during the day, that Babcia (Polish for grandmother) is going to take care of them. Thank goodness for my mother in law. But, this is the easy part, they are too young to really understand until Monday hits. Me, on the other hand, has a mountain of scrubs that have to be washed, I have to find my ID tag, I need a new lunch bag and the list continues. Now, preparing my husband, this is a real issue. He, just like when I returned to work after the first baby, doesn't completely get it. For the ladies that have recently returned to work after a mat leave, I really don't have to explain, but for those that bigger children, you probably had this same problem, but you had forgotten, let me explain. My husband during the mat leave had said that he would help as much as he could, but because he has to get up for work every morning and physically go to work (leave the house) that he may not be able to do that much. He totally gets that being a stay at home mom is a huge responsiblity and is hard work and completely admits that he couldn't do it. That being said, everything that I do now, wake up in night when one of them has a bad dream, bathe them, dress them, drive them, make dinner, do dishes, clean up after dinner, clean house etc STILL continues after I go back to work, how does this happen? Why is it that, this past year with me waking in the middle of the night 2-3 times with a screaming baby, then taking care of him and a 2yr old all day everyday and my husband saying the reason why he can't help that much is because he works and gets up early in the morning, I still have to do everything when I go back to work? Now it becomes, Me:"so when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, you can tend to him" Him:"Well, he'll probably just want his mother, so what's the point?" I love this *sarcasm*. So starting Monday I will have 2 jobs, actually, I'll have 3 jobs, full-timer, mother and....wait for it....wife. It's what we do, right ladies? And for the men/husbands reading this blog, men are just different than women, we communicate differently, we think differently, I accept my husband for who he is, for the way he is, I make fun of him here and there, and he laughs about it, but at the end of the day, I love him. I love him for everything that he does and everything that he doesn't do, and he can say the same about me.


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