Monday, November 16, 2009

First day back

Well, I survived. Surviving the first day back at work after a year is a surreal feeling. This morning I couldn't believe that I was getting ready for my job, and that I was dropping the kids off at the babysitters and I wasn't going to see them until 4pm. Weird, totally weird.

Then when I got to work, I felt as if I had missed something. A couple of things had changed, but I can handle that, it was the connection. I don't feel quite connected to the staff yet, almost like I don't belong or I am not part of the "in" crowd yet. There are a couple of new faces that I am not used to working with, so that will take some time, but for the people that I do know for a long time, I feel like they aren't telling me everything. Like, they haven't brought me up to speed yet. But, this is my personality, I love to be "in the know" to know what is going on at all times, not necessarily gossip on everything, but just know everything.

Of course, I thought today was going to be the fresh start and I was going to start my exercise routine again (I've been slacking for about 2wks) and the Halloween candy hasn't been helping the situation. But I am exhausted today. Seriously, I wasn't that busy today, but, whew! tired!

So the exercise is just going to have to wait until tomorrow night. All cards and layouts are going to have to wait until Friday nights and the weekends, although, don't be surprised if I sneak one in here and there during the week, especially if I can't sleep. For some reason, some of my best LO's are when I am up late with insomnia.

Here's one: Used were Come Back by Droopette, Cottagebluff by Veronica Ponce, Springtime by Crystal Wilkerson


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