Sunday, November 15, 2009

The day before I go back to work!

Surprisingly, I don't feel nervous or anxious today, it can't get away from it, it's here, I'm going back. The kids don't understand what it coming, but they will, tomorrow at 6am. I say I am ready, but I just know I am going to burst into tears 5min before I leave the house.

Get this, my hubby said to me that once I start work that he, if he gets home before I do after work, would be willing to start dinner. Yes, you read that correctly. Start dinner, make dinner, finish dinner, whatever, I'll take it!

Unfortunately, I won't have the extra free time for layouts and cards, but that is what evenings and weekends and when the kids are napping are for.

Here are a couple of layouts that I have completed over the past couple of days, the one compliment I get when doing cards and layouts, I am fast. If I know exacting what I want to do with the project, I can pump them out quickly.
LO#1 Starry night ViVa Artistry
LO#2 Happy go lucky, come back- Droopette


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