Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm never too busy for cards!

One of the busiest weeks I have ever had and it isn't even over yet. I love being busy, I thrive, I relish and then I take! The one thing I can do really well, is time manage. This has always been a huge skill for me, maybe because I have been time managing my entire life. School, work, more school, full time job, wife, mother, hobbies etc. It's constant, it never stops and I love it...bring it! I'm pumping out cards and layouts like crazy right now, not because I feel like I am so busy that I am in a rush to do everything, it's like I said, I relish in being busy. It won't stop until everything is done! lol

On another note, my other passion, celeb gossip, is Justin and Jessica on or off? I wish they'd make up their the way, he can do better than her.


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