Saturday, February 13, 2010

Opening Ceremonies

I stayed up until just after midnight last night watching the opening ceremonies in Van. I thought they did a great job, my fav part, the whale hologram that the beginning..gorgeous! For weeks there were rumours on who was going to carry in and light the flame. First rumour, Wayne Gretzky, and in Canada's eyes, who is more appropriate than him?? He's perfect, one of the greatest athletes of all time, but a predictable choice. The other rumour, Terry Fox's mom carrying in the torch and a hologram of Terry Fox running beside her. I was kind of hoping that it was going to be Terry Fox's mom and the hologram, it's different, and totally unexpected. It didn't happen, although, Terry Fox's mom did help carry out the Olympic flag, so it was good that she was a part of the ceremonies. Surprisingly, Celine Dion did not sing, rumour was, she was supposed too. Maybe in the closing ceremonies she'll sing. Now, I am not a fan of KD Lang's music, but WOW! her performance was flawless and beautiful. Great job!
My last Valentine's card before valentine's day on Sunday. TFL!


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