Monday, January 11, 2010

Not a good day

Well, the day started out okay but it ended on a bad note. As I was leaving working from the parking garage, I "accidently" hit the pilar that I was parked beside, nice eh? This isn't unusual for me, I have bad luck like this all the time and the fact that I am not a great driver. Yes, I'll admit, no stellar driver here. Looks like a couple hundred dollars damage, we'll see on Friday when I get it estimated.
On a positive note, I have added a new resolution for the year, not only am I going to get fit (which is going well) but I am going to conquer card making this year.
As I have said before I am relatively new to scrapping, I have done LO's in the past and moved to digiscrap because I am really bad at developing my photo's, but I have always liked the smaller projects, so this is what I am going to concentrate on.
I had a couple of requests at work to bring in some samples, lots of cards sold on the spot and I have had requests to bring in more cards. So, that being said, I will be busy, and I am taking this quite seriously. My husband thinks there is a lot of potential, he doesn't realize the huge market scrapbooking is, but I live in a suberb of Toronto, so maybe there is some potential for me here. Even if it is just the girls at work, it's something right?
So this is my plan. I have always bought papers and cardstock because I liked the design or the colours of them, and I have put cards together with whatever I had on hand. Well, I have realized that things would go a lot quicker if I used more coordinated papers, like the Basic Grey collections. This way I won't get so frustrated if the colours of my cards aren't quite right, paper collections is the way to go. Now, my only issue. Not a lot of options here. Might have to purchase the majority of my stuff online (thank goodness for 2 Peas in a Bucket). There is one Scrapbook store close by, but not a huge selection so I end up going to M's, but again, they rarely have paper collections. If anyone has any suggestions for this semi-newbie, please comment!!
We'll see what happens!


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