Monday, May 10, 2010

Kindergarten Blues

It's not my daughter that has the kidergarten blues, it's me. This morning, I took time off work to take my 3yr old to visit her kindergarten classroom (she starts in Sept). I was so nervous this morning. She blended in nicely, she had fun with the other kids, she did some colouring and crafts, but was very shy. I am going to have a hard time when the big day arrives in Sept and I have to walk her into that classroom and leave her there...oh my heart! There will be tears that day. I can't believe how things have changed since I was in elementary school, the learning is completely different, but different for the better. The kids have to know more before going to kindergarten, they have to know how to count to 10, sing their abc's and print them, print their name, call 911 etc. I'm pretty sure that when I went to kindergarten, there was a lot of singing and clapping and playtime, now they get homework! kindergarten! Good to know my kids will be smarter than me:)

Anyways, here are a couple simple cards. I have a hard time with simple cards, I always want to do more, I have to remember that "less is more" but I always want to add a ribbon or buttons somewhere, so, yeah, simple cards are hard for


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