Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hey there
For the past week and a half and I have searching for a dress, pulling my hair out trying to find the perfect one and the perfect fit. I couldn't find anything! The reason why I needed a dress was because I was going to a gala, the LG innovators gala. This is a black tie event and I ended up having to wear a dress that was in my closet and I was not impressed. The party was good, I went with my sister in law, I felt a little out of place, most of the people there worked with each other and were schmoozing, we, on the other hand, were just there, participating. But, it gave us a chance to people watch and comment on other peoples outfits and shoes. I think if we were to go again next year, I would search longer for a new and fabulous dress, spend more time on my hair and make-up and show up later for the party.

Now back to the cards, I managed to do a couple cards last weekend (in between shopping for a dress), and to be honest with you, I am running out of ideas. I have been online a lot looking at sketches and buying Paper Crafts magazine for inspiration. Problem is, I can't find anything that I really like. So, the search continues.


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