Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm Back..just a minor set back.

Christmas holidays were a blur, a complete blur. I was super busy with work, then with taking care of everything because my husband had surgery on his hand. It's amazing the things you have trouble doing with one hand, and your non-dominant hand at that! He can't change the baby's diapers, can't get the kids dressed, can't lift the kids, can hardly help cook, can't wrap presents and the list goes on and on. So, yes, I was, and still am, crazy.
Then it happened, I got sick. Some kind of virus that has been going around, and it came out big time on Christmas Eve, perfect timing right? Christmas Eve is my husband's Christmas, a very important day for his family, and I was not well at all. I couldn't enjoy the dinner, I couldn't enjoy the presents, nothing. Terrible. The next day was no better. But I try not to complain:) The key word there is "try".
Anyway, I have been feeling better the past couple of days, I made a couple LO's, did a couple cards, watched a couple movies with hubby and made up for the lack of eating over the past two days with a lot of sweets. I feel better:)


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