Friday, December 18, 2009

I know, I know, it's been awhile since my last blog

So, you want to know how hectic my life is? Last weekend, as we get closer and closer to completing our Christmas shopping, we get rear ended. Sounds like a minor car accident right? Well, no car accident is minor. My hubby was driving (thank goodness we were in his truck) and we had the kids with us. This was the most frightening thing, being in an accident with your children in the back seat. But, thankfully, the kids were fine, I was very sore, and my hubby thought he had jammed his finger, where we later found out that it was broken, then found out he had to have wonderful *sarcasm* At least it was one of us with the broken bone and not one of the kids right. Anyway, this is awful timing, Christmas season, very busy everyday and I have to do everything, because my husband cannot use his hand after the surgery. So this is the reason for lack of blogging.


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