Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday and a time change

Until Daylight saving time happens, you never think it will affect you in anyway. But, it does. It affects the kids too. So, today, was an odd day, looking at the clock and thinking, is that the real time? Did I change that clock already? The moods of the kids was, I'm just going to say it...hell, pure hell. As the day went on, you think to yourself, can the time change really affect then this much, answer....yes! My 3yr old, wasn't too bad, but my 16mth old had a real hard time, especially at nap time. He's going to be super tired tomorrow morning when I get him up early.
Anyway, that was my day. I completed a couple Easter cards, but I haven't taken photo's of them yet.
here are a couple cards I did a few weeks ago...enjoy and thanks for looking!


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